Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Wait and See

People are categorized as either wait and see or see and solve individuals. The wait and see individuals are akin to sports spectators, they look, cheer, make complaints and always have an opinion on what should have been done. The see and solve individuals on the other hand will proactively take care of problems by using application and working towards a solution. The reason why wait and see individuals just sit back and watch is because they are cowards at heart and have no desire to ever mature and add experience to their limited repertoire. Consequently, wait and see individuals wind up being crippled by their immaturity and begin to prey on other people that they perceive are at a disadvantage. They become the most untrustworthy type of people who by some fortunate circumstance on their behalf are allowed to wander society always taking and never giving back. I would much rather be a see and solve person because these are the type of people who are assets to society.