Monday, August 27, 2007

Satisfying People

The hardest thing to do is satisfy people and it will consume all of an individuals time if he/she were to attempt to do this. Satisfying people is a lesson in futility because the human heart is never satisfied and will always crave something else when the current need is fulfilled. Let us take for example a recent development that happened to a person that is known to me, the person was briefed that his/her speaking voice was too monotone so the individual attempted to put a little more life into his/her voice. Consequently, someone else complained that she felt he/her was too condescending sounding which was not his/her intent whatsoever and she did not even know why he/her was talking that way because of the previous complaint. So because that person attempted to satisfy some people other people wound up being offended who were totally ignorant of the previous criticism. The moral of this story is that you cannot change to satisfy people you just have to go ahead with whatever gifts God has given to you and pray for the best.