Friday, August 31, 2007

The Right People

When forming a team of managing members the way to choose the cream of the crop would be to have them face adversity. That way you can start weeding out the weak minded co-owners from the strong minded ones. It is extremely easy for individuals to criticize, make suggestions from a distance and not do anything to push the company along. Whenever those individuals start complaining one of the things that should be done is immediately agree with that individual and then insist that person come into the office everyday to implement those suggestions he so graciously shared with the team. When members are subjected to going “through the fire” the ones who remain wind up as “strong as steel” because they have been tempered by tribulation. Remember that continuing to press forward through what is perceived as unrelenting pressure will generate the right people to manage the affairs of an organization because those individuals who persevere from pressure will emerge with a diamond like constitution.