Monday, August 6, 2007

New week, Different situations

Good afternoon, wow its Monday already. The weekend just seems to creep up on you so slowly, but leave so quickly. Anyway getting straight to the point, I’m looking forward to seeing what this week will bring my way. Everyday is such a brand new day that I never really know what to expect, yet alone foretell what the week may be like. This week I’m hoping to maybe work out a couple of personal situations going on in my life. Maybe straighten some things out that should have been taken care of a long time ago. Also I’m currently working on developing my speaking skills when it comes to our radio show. I got the privilege of experiencing this last week, considering my boss and co-host was out of town, and he was also extremely busy last week. My father and I took the challenge given to us head on, and had the greatest time doing so. Oh by the way special thanks to our technician Ms. Worthy, she is so great and helps us out with not just our show, but so many other things. I can’t even begin to explain how great she is….THANK YOU SO MUCH MS.WORTHY YOU’RE A TRUE BLESSING. Now if you haven’t been tuning into our show, too bad because we have been discussing great topics, which would be so helpful for everyone out there in the business world. We try our best to keep our show alive and interesting with any kind of topic we can get our hands on, and also in doing so we have been getting great call-ins, with people who really seem to enjoy the recent structures of our dialogue.
Moving on to something personal that I need to get taken care of. Now I am a little bit hesitant to be sharing this bit of information, but I’m pretty sure there are other people out there that have the same issue. I have a fear of driving, the thing about it is, I love driving but it scares me in so many ways. I went to get my permit once and failed the test, and haven’t been back since to try again. I’m currently looking for a private seller so that I can purchase a used car, to be able to practice driving in when the time comes. Considering that I am 19 years of age, I will only have to hold my permit for 30 days until I am eligible took take the driving test. See I don’t really have a specific reason why I have a fear of driving, but from what others have told me I supposedly will get over this fear once I start physically doing so. I’ve been told many a times from family and friends how they were once scared also, but the only way to get past this, is to actually suck it up and do it myself. I plan on doing this, and to get over this fear. My only motivation would be that if I were to get this taken care of, it would give me a chance to get out of the office and gain experience on the outside, instead of staying safe on the inside. I want to be able to get out there by myself, or on the side of my boss, and meet so many more new people. By doing networking and going to meetings, etc. So I’m trying to work on this problem as best I can, we’ll see what happens, and I will keep you updated. Until next time have a blessed day.