Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Business As Usual

A true sign that a company has been created successfully is when there is no true focal point to the company. In other words when any one of the team of owners is away it is business as usual for the company. Meetings continue as scheduled, bills are paid, networking continues and deals are still being negotiated. If the things that I have listed are not being done in an owner’s absence then what has happened is the owner has created a job with himself at the top of the hierarchy. In order for a company to be successful for decades the responsibilities need to be spread out to the entire team of owners. Not one owner should be considered indispensable because if anything should happen to him/her then it would grievously affect company operations. Another reason why one owner should not “know everything” is because things will tend to fall on the wayside due to him/her being overwhelmed and/or overloaded with tasks that needed to be completed.