Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Many individuals ask others why in the marketplace. This is just another way of saying to someone I would have done something differently and that is the point of this sentence. Another way of saying this would be, that I meaning myself have not done what that other person has done so trying to instill the way you think on someone else will not always work. Believe me I’m married and I should know because my wife makes it abundantly clear to me on a daily basis. So instead of saying why, say why not since this statement is a lot more positive. Do you want to start a business, why not? Do you need help in restructuring a company you currently own, why not? Do you need a team of business consultants that will help your company begin to move forward again, why not? Instead of thinking why in regards to all of the reasons for not doing anything, think why not and continue to press forward in your companies’ progress.