Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Out in the marketplace a person will tend to find individuals that need all of the facts first in order to think about it, before making any decision. Nine times out of ten that type of individual will think their way into not making any decision whatsoever and staying in their self imposed limbo of inaction. Over-analysis during the startup phase of a company is the best way of keeping that company at a standstill. There is a phrase that holds true in regards to company creation and that is “actions speak louder then words”. One can speak all day until they’re blue in the face and not have a single thing accomplished except for a sore throat. By taking action things wind up happening and company movement winds up taking place. By saying this should happen and that should be done, nothing ever takes place and you can feel the breeze of the flapping lips that are in movement. Don’t ever get trapped in over-analysis because you will be like a hamster in an exercise wheel going nowhere fast.