Friday, July 20, 2007

Well of course it’s Friday

Well of course it’s Friday, and I know those of you out there that work full time are greatly appreciative of that. That would also include myself, but moving on to a more productive topic. This week was pretty much a handful, although so much has happened this past week and I can’t seem to remember all of it, because it flew by so quickly. Well the importance and highlights of my week was networking. For those of you who have not done networking and you are in business, or own your own business, I think it’s high time that you start. I can definitely tell you that it helps you out quite a bit in the business world. You meet great new people, learn new things about other different businesses, and it never hurts to strike up or receive a deal while doing so. That’s basically the purpose of doing networking, is to find business deals. Although you always have to watch out for people who only want to benefit from the deal themselves, and are not willing to share. To be honest there are always those negative types you will definitely run across while doing this, it’s inevitable. The negatives you will point out rather quickly, they are not hard to miss. Once you talk around and meet the variety of different people surrounding you, you’ll know whose who. When you speak with these people usually they’ll have a cockiness about them, a sort of arrogance I guess you can say. They always like to speak to someone and not with them. They’ll also try to psyche you out, and scramble your mind. Or basically try to intimidate you by spitting out all sorts of knowledge that they think you will not be able to share dialogue about. There are all sorts of outrageous things you will run into. But never fret, all you have to remember to do is stay calm, and not let them get the better of you. Avoid speaking with them if it really comes down to it, because they will surely not provide you with good business. Nor will you be able to provide them with good business.
Now as for the genuine people you meet along the way, these kinds of people make networking all the more worth it. They will be sure to speak with you and not at you. They will ask you great questions, as well as answering all of your questions with pride. They have no problem with giving advice, or receiving it all the same. The best thing of all is if they are willing to do business with you, they will set up a time and place to meet with you right then and there. Also they have no problem with letting everyone benefit from the deals that you make together.
Luckily this past week I met up with nothing but genuine people. I learned great new things, and saw great new things. I had the greatest experiences, the kind that will stick with me forever. Hopefully I will meet more people like the one’s I met this week. Special thanks to all of you who spoke with me at our networking parties, and also a special thanks to Manny Abreu for letting us experience “The Vicom Convergance 2007” that took place this week in Virginia Beach. Until Monday, have a safe and fun weekend everyone!!!!