Friday, July 13, 2007

The Road to Success

T.G.I.F. Am I right or am I right? I know there are other people out there besides me who are always so excited about the weekend being right around the corner. Because in a way the weekend is not just for you to relax and have fun, but it’s also for reflecting on the week that just passed you by. You think about how your week went, what you did, who you spoke with, but mostly the new things you’ve learned just by putting yourself out there. All of these things basically summed up in three words would be….. “Applying your experience”. It’s a beautiful thing once you’ve grasped it, but for those of you who do not try to experience an “experience”, you’re at a serious loss. I feel for you and I definitely know what its like to not want to try. What you need to realize for yourself is that life is too short to sit around, and do nothing with your time. Don’t ever think that you already know so much to where you have no need for any kind of new experience. If you think this of yourself your wrong. If you do not believe me then let me fill you in on my new experience so far. It’s kind of a handful to explain, but I will try and make it as brief as possible.

For a long period of time I was working in the food business. Which is of course a typical teenage thing, and I know everyone has at least once been through that phase. Now let me tell you before I even begin to get into this story that this just so happens to be very recent times. Now getting back to it, I had held two separate steady jobs (not at the same time) over the course of I’d say five years. These jobs to me at the time were fairly easy, although sometimes provided me with some difficulties. Even though I’m still at a young age now as I was then, I’ve learned so many things that I wish I could have learned at that time. I hated those jobs, and I was never satisfied, nor even close to feeling fulfilled with my time there. At that time I thought that it was the job but not me, and I was wrong. It’s taken me so long to admit that openly to myself and out loud to others. What I realize now that I never realized then is that it was my non-appreciation of food service that made those job experiences so horrible for me. It was all because of my deep desires for bigger and better things, that I didn’t appreciate what I had in front of me. I wanted to be somewhere else doing something else. So because of my messed up mind set, I went crazy, told myself I deserved better, quit my job, left my house, and disappeared with a few friends plus my significant other for a bit. During that bit of time I wasn’t home, and I was out and about being a crazed teenager things went completely down hill. I didn’t have a car, I ran out of money, and also went job hunting but never got hired. Of course I was too prideful to call my parents and let them know I was struggling horribly. I was too scared to tell them I missed them and wanted to come home.

So one morning I got a phone call, it was my mother. She talked to me about an appointment that I was due to go to later that week, and then mumbled about other things. After our one way conversation she put someone else on the phone. This person will remain anonymous throughout this part of the story. They asked me what my plans were for the night, and when I told them nothing they told me to pack my things, and to be waiting for them that evening. I got picked up, went to grab something to eat, and then headed home. I was so scared to be home, but felt so much better about being where I was supposed to be. Well this person and I talked for a while about all of the events that took place for me in the past month. When we finished our conversation, they looked at me and smiled. I asked what was funny, and they replied “congratulations on passing your first semester of Life University”. I was confused at the reply but smiled.

After getting my act together and realizing that I needed to stop being lazy, I asked for a job. I was granted one, an office job to be exact. It’s the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve learned so much in so little time. Even though I don’t have a great amount of experience with my job, I’m learning on how to accept that fact and run with it. I’m also learning how to face my worst fears. See the point of the story is to let you know that no matter what you’ve done, who you are, what your age is, or how much knowledge you do or don’t have………. If you put yourself out there and actually put out physical application to whatever experience you yourself desire, you will get to where you want to be. It’s hard and it can be exhausting, but it’s worth it in the end. Don’t hold back because you are afraid, what will you get out of not trying? It’s never bad to struggle on your way to success, remember that.