Thursday, May 17, 2007

Keeping up with change

Have you ever run across a person who would not change at all and was set in his/her ways? Well congratulations, you can always run across someone like that if you haven't by now, just look in the mirror! Everybody has some degree of that aspect in their lives. Now the challenge is to learn how to decrease that aspect within us and learn how to more positively deal with change. By recognizing that life is about change like the waves crashing against the shoreline that are ever flowing, we can minimize the discomfort felt in changing times. You must be like water that will accommodate and take the shape of every vessel it fills. Within the marketplace successful businesses are run by people who are on the lookout and aware of the beginnings of change. The Toyota car industry is consistently successful because they are not dependant on just one type of vehicle, they offer a wide variety of automobiles to choose and purchase, from compacts, to suvs, to hybrid vehicles. People in business need to be mindful about getting caught in the "successful complacency trap" because there are numerous true life stories about companies that were secure in their past successes and did not feel that they should change with the times. A lot of those companies who thought "well it worked successfully back in the day" are now extinct or out of business, while those that survived learned that change was what they needed to continue to be in business. To successfully change in the marketplace you must be like the surfer riding the wave and becoming one with the movement of water, if not you'll sink and become another derelict company at the bottom of the sea.