Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Will Fall

Have you ever suffered a fall? Nobody ever plans to fall it just happens. I recently stepped on some unforeseen ice and my feet flew out from beneath me. As I was falling, I remembered the terrible feeling of panic, of being totally out of control. I remember hoping that some cushioned part of my body would hit the ground first, before my head. But I had no chance of controlling how I landed. Fortunately, my hands hit the ground first, breaking my fall. My head hit next. Both of my wrists were sore, and I had a golf-ball-sized lump on my head, but that wasn't it. When I went to the hospital the emergency room nurse told me that a famous person fell just like I did and did not survive.

Dr. Robert Atkins, famed creator of the Atkins Diet, wasn't so fortunate. As he walked down the steps of his home. I'm sure he had not idea that he was one step away from the last step of his life. He never saw the ice that caused his fall. Upon landing , his head bore the full impact. Despite the valiant efforts of some of New York's finest doctors, he never regained consciousness, and he died a few days later.

The terrifying aspects of a fall are:You never see it coming, you lose all control, and you suffer injury to one degree or another. The same is true here in my business carrier. I will never ever forget what my mentors told me back in 2005. "Do not do it because you will fail," Jonathan you can not force people to recondition there minds, they must want to on there own. Micah Sr., would also say, it's not a matter of if, but when. My when started, March of 2007; two of my partners got into what you would consider to be a innocent agreement which resulted in a state investigation.

Four times in my life I have had investment opportunities that seemed like "Can't Miss moneymaker." (Latchkey Kids, Zazoo Clothing Store, Restaurant and EPMH) I was so confident that they were "sure things" that I refused to listen to my internal Holy Spirit advise and especially my mentors advise. Each of these four times, I lost every penny I had in savings trying to keep them running on my own shoulders. I did reach out to my partners however it went unheard. Each time, I was humiliated in front of my family and friends with this question, "Why are you carrying people who don't help and just complain about money?" Fortunately, my relationship with my mentors was such a productive one and so undeservedly blessed that I was always able to recover and gain back over time each partners money that looked at first like a lost.

A friend of mine who I invested in his restaurant business wasn't so fortunate. Even though we were partners, I recently found out that he tried to kill himself after he was told that I was very angry with him for partnering up with a gentleman who I knew was not qualified to be part of this investment. We had a clear plan and all he had to do was follow it; ultimately he did not and it affected every who had invested with me. He lost everything he owned. Worse, he almost lost his life! I spoke to his wife and found out today, that they are leaving the state and they ask me to speak to all the investors because he is so ashamed. Both he and I could have avoided our financial losses and humiliation had we only humbled ourselves and heeded the plans of our mentors.

Nobody sails through life without experiencing trials and unexpected falls. Sooner or later, they come to all of us. Micah, Sr., statements over the past months is very obvious to me and yet I seem to miss it back in 2005 when I started the creation of these legal entities. With a good partner there will always be someone to come to your aid and pick you up. Without a good partner, what would have been a temporary setback can become a permanent failure. (Second time I slipped on the ice and was injury due to having the wrong partners.) Fortunately for me, as this was happening, my old mentors can to my aid to allow me to see clearly and teach me how to take all the proper steps to not only return money to all the investors but to close down the very companies that were cause me pain.

Without even being asked, he volunteered to help me solve my overwhelming situation that I could not see night from day. He then miraculously negotiated a temporarily fix to solve my anger partners issues and even explain to me that I should not explain anything just return money and walk away. As I input this new plan starting next weekend, I am filled with joy that I will have an opportunity to solve all my investor issues without borrowing and partner with anyone. Check back with me and I will keep you informed on how it goes. Be bless and never partner with cloth tail riders.