Friday, June 1, 2007

Team Ownership

Team ownership has been in existence for thousands of years and is historically the most powerful type of ownership vehicle today. When a person is a sole proprietor he is acting from a position of ego and greed which inhibits the success of that business. A sole proprietor has to be at the business constantly to make sure that things are being run smoothly. A sole proprietor also has to check up on the business even when on vacation so he/she can never be fully relaxed during his/her “vacation time.” A team ownership model is based on biblical concepts with a proven track record of success. When Jesus recruited and trained his team of apostles he made sure that they were in the right place after he was crucified, resurrected and rose to heaven in a cloud. Consequently, the team went about the business of saving souls, healing the sick and casting out devils, a business that has lasted for thousands of years and is still thriving today. A team of business owners can accomplish anything as long as they are of one accord, with a common, shared goal. When God saw that man was of one mind in building a tower to reach heaven he caused the sectioning off of mankind through the creation of multiple languages. Man was forced to find and stay with others who spoke the same language thus breaking the unity of mankind that threatened to make man equal to God and ending the tower of Babel project that was underway. A team of owners with the same focus will enjoy success after success, while a team with different agendas will ultimately fail. Please remember that a house that is divided will not stand.